AC Unit Removal & Transport

HVAC Recycle logistics team will work with your installation manager to ensure that we have the proper equipment on site to help with the removal of all types of AC units. Our transportation department has semi tractor trucks and trailers for large HVAC removal projects, or smaller box trucks to handle residential removals. When you partner with HVAC Recycle you can be sure that our transportation team will be on site when they are needed.

Chillers Removal

The chiller removal team at HVAC Recycle is ready to assist your PM’s with the purchase, removal, and transport of scrap chillers. Our dedicated sales strategists work with mechanical contractors all across the United States to purchase water chillers, air cooled chillers, centrifugal chillers and screw top chillers.

Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchangers can be very difficult to transport as they are often over sized and awkward. Not too worry HVAC Recycle will purchase your non function heat exchangers,and working units.


Boilers are mostly made up of metal and that is why they are a good item to sell for scrap metal. I Buy Scrap Recycling is Arizona’s largest purchaser of scrap boilers and scrap chillers. If you have a non working boiler then give our sales team a call today.

Scrap Metal & Assorted Scrap Materials

HVAC Recycle not only purchases complete AC Units, Chillers, Heat Exchangers, Cooling Towers and Boilers but we also purchases all types of compressors, electric motors, insulated copper wire, copper tubing and sheet iron from HVAC companies. For large quantities of scrap metal please call our commercial sales team today to inquire about corporate rates for recycling.