We are a full service air conditioning recycling company working with both commercial and residential clients to keep inoperable air conditioning units out of local landfills. Our team of recycling experts ensures safe pick up and recycling of air conditioning units from commercial sites, apartment complexes, and single-family homes. Our recycling technicians are available to assist and remove any size of HVAC unit from locations ranging from rooftops, attics, basements, and exterior cement slabs. Our team of certified air conditioners recycling experts ensures that 100% of all HVAC units that come to our air conditioners recycling facility are fully recycled and that no single component ends up in a landfill. Not only do we recycle the metal, but we also recycle the compressor motor, electric motor, Freon and the sheet metal exterior of the air conditioning unit. Not only do we recycle the old air conditioning units, but we also recycle both the cardboard and wood pallet that your new air conditioning unit was packaged in. So when we say that we recycle everything, we aren’t kidding!